Mini Project Topics and Ideas in ASP.Net

ASP.Net Mini Project Downloads:

Civil Registry in C#.Net with ASP.Net – Civil Registry is the online system or agency to help the Indian citizens to apply for their government records like passport, driving license, voter’s ID card, PAN card etc… and register certificates for birth, death, marriage etc. The primary objective of this web site is to…
Download Civil Registry in C#.Net with ASP.Net

Ad Agency System in ASP.Net and C# – This is a small project for an advertising agency in ASP.Net and C#. The main features of this system are…
Download Ad Agency System in ASP.Net and C#

An end-to-end vehicle management system – For companies that owns a fleet of vehicles available for use by their employees, the existing process is like to submit requests and be assigned a vehicle manually is a time consuming one. The proposed project is a single centralized framework that would integrate various disparate vehicle management processes such as scheduling, maintenance, sales, insurance tc. The proposed web based vehicle management system helps in…
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ASP.Net Mini Project Titles and Ideas:

Call Center Management System ASP Net
Online Shopping ASP Net
Textile Web Services ASP Net
Auction System ASP Net
Online Quiz ASP Net
Online Bank ASP Net
Online Voting System ASP Net
Securing Image URL ASP Net
Web Services ASP Net
Smart Knowledge Provider ASP Net
Online Book Shop ASP Net
Electronic Fund Transfer ASP Net
Work Flow Management System ASP Net
Online Customer Care ASP Net
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